History of Bags

Since the beginning of mankind, lots of staffs have been invented when different requirements came front. At the early edge of the human race when the development stage started, for moving stuff from here and there the necessity came to the attention, from there the bag has now come into the shape that today it has. For moving the food grains, fruit and other items could be carried in hands where the fundamental purpose of the bags they used. The earliest bags were made up of animal skin, woven plant fibers, or cotton and folded up at the edge. Using bags was equally essential for men and women, until the time when clothing had not any pocket in it.

The word “Bag” possibly origins from the North Germanic Language word “baggi” and reconstructed from the Proto-Indo-European word “bhak”. In ancient Egypt the bag was dominant. In the hieroglyphs, it was illustrated that male with carrying a little bag, and also in some scenarios, it was tied around the waist like at the present time we use. Different religious books like the Bible mention using the bags. In the ancient Greek methodology, the bag was clearly mentioned. And it was known that African priests also carried bag those were mostly encrusted. Also, in the history of civilization, there is evidence found of using backpack bags at 3300 BC. 


               Ancient Egypt: Using Bag                     Hieroglyphs: On Bag from Anc

In the 11th Century bag was using became the necessary which has already been evident from different sculpture that have been discovered. Here are photos included for better understanding. The of Cathedral of Saint-Lazare, Autun, Pobable time is 1120 to 1130 and the statue of James the Apostle. This two photos have used in difference sources to indicated the ancient use of bags.


Statue of James the Apostle, 11th Century                Cathedral of Saint Lazare, Autun. Probable time, 1120-1130

Carrying money and wealth bag was inevitable in the 14th century from saving theft and pickpocket. Specifically, drawstring-type bags were used for that. Those bags were attached to the waist with girdles which was a long string belt to secure it. As that kind of bag was used to carry money, the use of the bag became a social status also. And in the 15th century the bag, especially the handbag became popular as a wedding gift. The grooms used to choose handbags for their bride, and mostly the embroidered handbags were in the first row.

In the Government job in the United Kingdom sealed bags were introduced for the position of Lord and Chancellor. But in the 16th century using bags became fashions, and Elizabethan England’s Fashion was inspired by using bags during the renaissance. Interestingly in the 17th century for necessary skills for marriage, young girls were encouraged to learn embroidering the handbag to make it an ornately stitched beautiful handbag. Women’s dresses got some changes after French Revolution in the 18th Century. Non-Classical dresses, narrow shapes and slim dresses started dominating the trends which did not accommodate pockets with it. And that creates a greater need for handbags.

Nowadays Bag has become an essential part of human life, modern bags have come with lots of features, designs, styles, and different categories. The bags have been modernized in the 19th century. Like backpack bags appeared in the 1910s in the United States of America. Using briefcase 1914 for carrying different files folder and securely carrying newly invented pound notes that replaced the gold slandered as the standard of exchange.

The most common and oldest material for making bags is Leather. But along with Lather, there are some other materials like denim, cotton canvas, nylon, Vegan Leather, straw, Cordura, synthetic rubber-like Neoprene, mesh, etc. are also used as raw materials for making Bags.

Though different raw materials are being used for making bags but lather is often used because of not only its durability and strength but also lather is being known for bag from early age. Leather usually made from animal skin but nowadays there is vegan leather made from Polyurethane synthetics and considered as non-animal-based leather goods. But the lather, which is processed from animal skin is much popular. 

There are more than 24 types of animal skin lather but among them cattle skin lathers are most widely used to make leather goods and accessories. Quality lather used for different goods like for car interior, cardholders, key case, waist belt but for the bag we generally see that lather is preferably using in making backpack bag, Crossbody Bags, Clutch & Handheld Bags, Waist Bags, Shoulder Bags, Wallets, Larger Travel Bags, Purses, etc.

There are many types of bags like Handbag, Purse, Backpack, Bag-in-box, Daypack Bag, Binbag, Garbage bag or Trash bag, Bodybag, Bookbag, Bulk bag (a name for a flexible intermediate bulk container), Burn bag, Belt Bag, Cooler bag, Diplomatic bag, Duffel bag, Flour sack, Garment bag, Gunny sack, Antistatic bag (used for shipping electronic components), Hobo bag, Mailbag, Messenger bag, Money bag, Paper bag, Plastic bag, Paper sack (multi-wall paper bag), Popcorn bag, Sandbag, Satchel, Sling bag (worn over the shoulder), Shopping bag, Plastic shopping bag, Reusable shopping bag, Shopping trolley (caddy), Thermal bag, Tote bag, Travel bag or Suitcase, Wristlet bag, Airbag (vehicle safety device), Punching bag (a piece of physical training equipment), Perhaps-bag or Netted sack, Sleeping bag, Teabag, Coin purse, etc.

Using bags has also environmental concerns, as different bags are made from different elements that impact the environment in a different way. As we know the lather bags are made from animal skin, where the impact of the environment may little due to Eco-System but the plastic bags are really alarming for the environment. As we know that Plastics take a long time to be decomposed and it also releases toxic substances into the soil, even we burn plastic, it releases the toxic substance into the air which causes the air pollution. Generally, plastic bags dumped into landfills widely that also the lands to be occupied and during decomposition, it emits methane and carbon dioxide gases.

One of the most alarming concerns is that using plastic bags could be the cause of cancerous diseases. Animals in the earth and oceans also get affected badly due to plastic bags. The wastage of plastic bags is enormously harmful to both humans and animals. We always highly recommend avoiding using plastic bags. Rather we can use the bags that are not harmful to the human and animal. From the beginning of the use of the bag was vastly helpful. Today’s bag has become smart and more useful due to the invention and modernization of bags.

These days there are different style of bags with new design has become so popular. Going outside with having a bag is almost worthless. For Job, business, or travel; all that encourages using bags. It reduces the effort and helps to make easy day-to-day life.